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Chor Bazaar Myths And Reality

First of All I Would Like To Say If during Your Visit To Delhi U Plan To vist Markets Of Delhi Not Only Chor Bazaar But Other Markets like Palika Bazaar ETC Read The Full Article I Know its Long,Ok Really Long But Its You Only who would be Benefited By Reading Below It Just Takes 10 Minutes To Read It.

Please excuse any grammatical mistakes as I don't have the time to mend them.

Ok Lets Start Like many Other People I’ve Heard people Talking That U get electronics like mobiles and MP3 and MP4 Players at throw away Prices In Delhi(Chor Bazaar).
I Heard many Things about Chor bazaar That Sometimes u found your own stolen things There!
My Friends Had many Myths which was a hot topic of Discussion Between Friends That Mobiles and other Electronics are so Cheap out there that you can even get them at Rs500 Per Kilo!!!!
 And That Too Mobiles Like Samsung ,Nokia Genuine Smart Phones And Black berry etc.I  Knew That It was Just a gossip between friends.But This Summer My Younger Brother whose friend was going to Delhi also to visit his Aunt’s House Told My Brother that There in Chor Bazaar you Get A Sony PSP for Just Rs 500/- & If You Are Lucky You May even Get an IPHONE!!!.My Brother somehow convinced me and Took 500 Rs From Me and Gave them It To His Friend Telling him to make sure that whatever he buys must be original and Should Be in Running Condition Otherwise I know How To Take My Money Back From PUNKS!
Now The Real Story Begins.As My Vacations were Going on I had an Idea That What If  My Brother’s Friend and all those talks My Friends used to have were Right About The Chor Bazaar. As we all know that empty mind is a devil’s Workshop I had an Idea that why don’t I visit the Chor Bazaar By myself once.I Convinced my Parents That I wanted to go to Delhi and they agreed at once But My Father Told asked me why Delhi? Because a 14 years Back we lived in Delhi and we had seen all the things earlier But I told Him That The main Purpose of my Trip was Chor Bazaar as I’ve Heard That u can get Iphone at a really Lower Price around 3500 Bucks Easily.And when we lived there it was not a Metro City as It Is Today.So I will also have an Unique experience of Spending a day or Two In A Metro City.
We Selected Delhi as a matter of Fact because we have seen the all  the  Attractions Like Starting from Top.
1.       Srinagar
2.       Mata Vaisno Devi
3.       The Places in Himachal Pradesh(Kasauli,Solan,Shimla ,Mansoori).
4.       Then We have Seen Places in Haryana Like Kurukshetra.
5.       Mata Chint Purni.
6.       Haridwar
7.       Jaipur.
8.       Agra(Places Covered Fatehpur Sikri,Mathura etc)
9.       Of course Punjab Cuhz I live Here.

And Many More Place I would End Up Writing One More page full with Names Of Places I visited.But That Isn’t why you are here you are here for the answer What is Chor Bazaar.So Not Wasting any More Time I will return To The Topic.

The One Thing My Father Told Me To Be aware In Chor Bazaar Was That Never ask For The Price of Any product there They Will Slap you or even Beat you up for selling that thing to you.
To Be precise he Told me
Beta Vahaa Par Dhyaan Rakhna Ki Kisi Cheez Ka Rate Muh Se Mat Nikaalna. Vaha Par Itni Gunda Gardi Hai Ki vo tere Thappad Maar Ke Bhi Tereko Cheez zabardasti Bech Denge

I Told Him Not To worry I’ll Deal With Them
“Aise kaise Bech Denge Dekh Lunga unko Bhi

Parents agreed to Send Both of us(Me And My Brother) for a trip to Delhi Alone.
My Father Booked The train Tickets and Hotel online considering that we would either end up staying in a very cheap hotel or a very pricey one.
Tickets were Booked for 18th of june and the return Tickets were Booked for 21st Night.
The Day Came We Boarded The Train at 11:00 in The Night And reached Delhi at 7:00 Am.
We Rushed From the Old Delhi Railway Station as we heard that Chor Bazaar was run for only a few hours from 7 AM Till 12:00 Noon.
I Called up my Father Informing Him that We’ve Reached Delhi.Where To Go From here.
My father Told me its Just Crap Market you should Think Of It Again I told him That is the main purpose of my Visit.He told Me as You Wish But Eyes Open Out There.
He Told Us That The market is there Only on Sundays Firstly U Go to Rajghat And ask the Auto Rickshaw Driver to drop you at The Mahatma Ghandhi’s Samadhi.From There u can go To The Back side Of Red Fort and ask any one where the market Is.If The Market Is there You Can see it or You Can Come Back to Raj Ghat And See It.The Auto Rickshaw Driver was a Nice Man He told us How To Plan Our Trip and He asked us to visit places like India Gate,Chandni Chowk Market And Many More.
We Reached Raj Ghat We Saw It Was a very Beautiful Place we entered Just walking about 10 steps I Told my Brother That if The Market is only Till 12:00 Noon(Misconception) Then we are just Wasting Time Right Now Maybe We Should First Visit the market and Then Raj Ghat.We Both Agreed and We Then Headed To Red fort.
When We Reached There We Were Not Surprised to see Curios Boys Like us from other states Exploring The Market like Us.
All we saw There was a Rag Market with Cheap Shoes,Clothes,Belts and Other Fashion accessories.
I Thought To My Self This Is It??!!
Yaar Ye Hai Chor Bazaar??

We explored the market deeper and reached near Jama Masjid There is a Huge ground there where chiefly electronics Mostly of them second hand (99%).I told My Brother
”Now We are Talking..”
Ab Hamaare kaam Ki cheezein Mili Hai
There In Ground you will See Mostly Elderly People with Sandisk Memory cards and Kingston Pendrives At Throw away Prices I mean One Person told Me That The Price Of The 16 GB MicroSD Card Is Just 300 Bucks(After Bargaining) I was Surprised I Told Him On The Face That Something is Wrong Here.
We Left The man Behind and explored The Rest Of The Market Seeking For A better Bargain.
The Seller a few yards away And other Memory Card Sellers Told Me The Price was Rs 450 And They were not ready to bargain.
So we Moved On There was This Elderly Man With Long Beard And a white Cap On his Head He we were Just passing Through that we saw a boy was looking for a Phone There were Several mobiles Bioth Chinese and Branded Not The New ones But Phones like Nokia N70,3110c and other small Phones.The Boy Asked Him Picking Nokia N70 up in His Hands and asked
How Much For This One?
The Seller Told Him That All Mobiles here are for just Rs 500 But There’s No Guarantee That They Will work.The Boy Tried To Switch The Phone On But It won’t Turn On The Boy Then Removed The Battery cover And Examined the Phone The Seller at once a kind of Scolded Him For Opening The Phone But The Boy argued with him and he figured out looking at the condition of the phone that Buying This Phone would be a wastage of Money.So we moved from There and we saw stuff like Someone’s Spectacles for sale not to mention the broken Mobile Screen and other weird stuff Like Used Shampoo Bottles,Used Mobile Batteries,Keypads,old remotes etc etc etc.
On Our way Out we went to the memory card seller whom we met in the begining  and I Thought of buying a memory card and a Pendrive Picked up a memory Card Checked It and Asked him for the final price telling him that we will buy two if he further lowers the price But He didn’t Bargain Further After checking the memory card I Picked Up A Pen Drive I Looked Closely at The Pendrive and had a weird feeling looking at the coarse metal Finish on One Of The Pendrives on the sale I Thought that why not Buy Another Memory card rather than A Pendrive So I Checked Another Memory Card And Bought two for Rs 600.

Ok moving On at the exit of the street which leads to the Ground we saw a Body Spray Shop I asked Him the Price Of the Axe Music Star Body Spray He told me That Every Body-Spray On Sale is For   Rs 60 A Bottle I Picked Up A Sealed Axe Body Spray Can and Asked Him If I Can Check Because I used That Deo earlier and recognized the smell of it To my Surprise It was Original!
I Bought Two Cans and We Then Thought of Going To Hotel as our Check in Time was  1:00 PM.

Later I found that it was nothing but a fake one as the smell I tested was from previously emptied spray can and the Spray can was refilled with God know what!? So I discarded them!

While exiting I Told My Brother
Yaar I Didn’t Expect This In Here!
Yaar Ye Hai Chor Bazaar?”
We Had A Look At Our Watches and to our surprise it Was Just 10 in The morning all sweaty and needed rest as we were extremely exhausted we then went to Rajghat saw places and had a little Bit of Rest for 15 Minutes.
Time Passed
Then We took The Bus and Reached Our Hotel still One Hour Earlier.

We Planned that after Lunch We’ll Go To India Gate And An Arts Museum Near It And After That around 6:00 Pm We’ll leave For Chandni Chowk Market See It and after that we will See The Light and Sound Show Which was Attraction for Tourists and is organized only on Saturdays and Sundays.
We Took The Bus From India Gate to Chandni Chowk
We Reached Chandni Chowk we saw Sees Ganj Sahab Gurudwara and Explored the market
Ok Guys Enough Mumbo Jumbos
Now Comes The Serious Part Of The Story THE CLIMAX
It Was 6:30 in The evening When we were just Roaming around and We Reached A Market Where Second Hand Mobiles were Put On Show in Big Class Cases.
We Entered A Street which is about 15 Meters in Length It was like any other Second hand Mobile Market like we have in Our Hometown But We Forgot this is Not our Home town.
On The first Shop I asked a Shopkeeper Pointing to an IPhone which I Suspected was Chinese IPhone I Asked Him If It Was Original?
Bhaiya ye asli IPhone hai Kya?
He Told me That It isn’t and u will Not Get it In The Whole Market.
Although you can get a Second Hand Nokia 5233 at a very low price I said No as I Am Already having It He said Ok.
We Moved On
When we reached at the Central Shop of The Market there was this Dumb Looking Fat Guy with Pink Shirt and a Khanda(Religious Sign Of Sikhs) locket.Stopped Me And Asked Politely What phone I was Looking For Itold Him That we are just Passing Through just asking the Price of An IPhone 3GS in Shops.He was The Third Person To tell Me That you will Not Get it In The Whole Market.
Although you can get a Second Hand Nokia 5233
I Told Him That we are not Interested.
He asked me to atleast have a look at the phones in the show case and select one if I liked any one of them He Pulled out a Nokia N-95 and tried to show the Features but the phone won’t turn on seeing this without saying a word to him we started to move away from the shop.I Hardly took one Step away from the shop suddenly a Boy of age about 22 comes running to me pulling me back to the Shop and asked
Kya hua Bhai?
I Told Him That We are just passing through we are not here to buy anything we are just asking the Price of an IPhone here Now,He was The Fourth Person To tell me That you will Not Get it In The Whole Market. Although you can get a Second Hand Nokia 5233 I said No I’m already having it.
He Then Snatched a Nokia 5800 from his friend and asked me how about this one He asked me To give my Sim Card To him I denied because Before Going To Delhi I Gathered a little Bit of Information on the internet about the Chor Bazaar The Moral Of That Post Was Don’t ever give your Sim Card To an shop keeper in That Story The Person Paid Rs 1000 Extra For Buying Back His own Sim Card. I told Him there’s not Much Difference Between 5233 and 5800 its just 3G and wifi Now This was My Defense Mechanism To Get Out Of There at Once.Saying This I moved on I was barely 6 feet way from the shop This Shit face comes upto Me again and drags me back to the shop from the sleeve of my T-Shirt and In A Rude Manner He asked Me
Kaha Jaa Raha Hai Yaar Yaha Pe khada Ho Ja Abhi Boni Ka Time Hai
Pointing Towards The Ground.
I told him That I Don’t Need The Phone I Don’t Have The Money To Buy It.I started Leaving The Shop again This Time With Quick Steps.He again comes running and Dragging me Back Showing His True Colors This Time.
This Time He Told Me
Kaha jaa Raha hai Be Tereko Samajh nahi aati Saale Dance kyu kari jaa raha hai ek jagah par khada ho na
This Time He brought another Phone This Was a Samsung Galaxy POP claiming it to be Samsung Wave.This Time His Colleague from whom he snatched away the Nokia 5800 started abusing us also Forcing us to buy one.
I Pleaded Him To Let Us Go As we are not Capable Of Buying this Phone we are not Carrying enough Money with us For Buying It.Listening To This He told me that you Decide The Price If we find it Reasonable we will give you the phone at that Price at This Moment I had a Glimpse of that Moment when My Father told Me That They would even slap you to sell anything to you.
I Told him Again That please let us go we can’t Buy your phone He Told Me  to Chose one or Both of them I thought of Tricking them at this moment I In a Funny manner Told Him determining that they won’t give away for such low price I Told Him Will You Give It Away In Rs 600 knowing He won’t we started to move he said ok dragging me back I said what Is This Yaar why is This Prick Not Leaving Us Alone.He said Now You Decided The Price you have To Buy It I asked Him I I Bought Your Phone would you let us Leave?
He said there are No Issues Once You Buy The Phone.
He asked Me To take out Rs 600 and Give It to Him I Gave Him Rs 600 and Gave It To Him.Je made Us A bill for it & assured me that they give 6 Months Replacement warranty ie they’ll replace the Phone if some fault arises.I asked Him Now Can we Leave?
He said Sure you Can Just wait a minute He Took me to the shop just 2 metres away from That Shop and There he told me the Bill would Be stamped.
When we reached there was this another dumb Guy with specs who tried to trick me saying that this Phone is Nokia 5800 I said Iknow that He further told me that The market price of this phone is Rs 13,000.Yes,I told Him He Told me that The Phones sold here are either Stolen or are pirated In Black market ie are imported without box and Accessories so there is lesser or no excise duty on them.I said Ok This Time in a Hesitating voice
Further he told me to give him any ID Proof I had with me so that he registered the IMEI No Of the Phone not mentioning the cost at this instant on my Name Being an Expert in Smart phone Technology I Figured out That If I give him the ID He will further blackmail me and will threaten me of misusing it.
Here now my younger Brother started acting dumb as that specky guy was finished asking for my ID
My Brother spoke up Telling Him “Ya He would be having his driving license with Him right now in his purse”
I Stared at him with a frown and indicated him to stay quite.
After This I told him that I Had No ID Proof with me right now.
He asked me “Yaar Koi to jaroor Hogi
I asked him to go ahead and check Himself instead of the fact that I knew that they are too lazy and Dumb to Check my pockets.
As Expected that guy didn’t check my pockets.
He Told Me
“Yaar Is Phone par Rs 5000 ka Kharcha aur Hoga IMEI ka
After he said This I was Completely shocked it felt like someone pulled the earth Beneath my feet.
He aggressively Told Me
Abe Tereko 600 me 5800 chaiye kya baat karta hai
I Told Him Back That I never wanted It your people sold me Forcibly.
The He told The Dumb Guy who Pulled me from the T-Shirt Eariler Lets Give Him a Name how about Mr DA(Dumb Ass).This Mr.DA told me That I have to buy the IMEI too or he will hand us To the Police accusing us of Buying stolen mobiles.I Got Afraid at this stage.From There Then he took me to another shop where another guy was standing Mr. DA told him to show me some mobile Phones That Guy pulled out three boxes of Chinese phones from which Mr DA picked up one and showed me what was written on the Box it was written
****** Mobile With Internationally Certified IMSI Number.
I told him I don’t want any of these phones(Believe me those phones were very cheap looking).
I told him we don’t Need any one of them hearing this he told the shopkeeper to show me more mobiles While he was reching beneath the des to take out more bullshit phones I told Him
Nahi Chahiye Bhai
Let Us go we don’t need anything you keep the money we don’t need our money Back keep it its all yours! But that Prick kept saying that u have given us money we won’t let you leave without selling you anything This was the end of my patience I lost my Temper and I shouted and abused Him.
This time He(Mr.DA) Grabs Me From The Neck and Told me
Gaali Kisko nikaal raha hai be?
Defending Myself I Told him that I’m not Abusing Him But The Situation I’m In Right Now.
The shopkeeper told me to buy from the three mobiles Him,I told him what is the cost of the cheapest phone Mr.DA Spoke up and Told me The cheapest phone will cost around Rs 4500.
Again This Statement Shocked me.
This Time I Told Him Lets Go To Police Station you can even charge me for attempting robbery by breaking glass in your shop.He became nervous.I also told Him
Thaane Jaa ke tumhaari saari Pol Bhi Khol Dunga
Hearing This he tells me that
“Abe hamaara to Police Station aana jaana Laga rehta hai Sab jaante hai vaha par”
I Insisted Then Lets Goto Police Station!
The Shopkeeper Now Spoke Up For The First Time He Told me That Don’t threaten us in the name of Police we’ll cut you in Pieces and put you in the almirah which is standing behind you.
Now I Started Crying That Please let us go you have taken all of our Money We don’t know how will we go back to our city.
Mr.DA told me That you Don’t have Money ?
I told Him NO.
The Shopkeeper Told Me then Why were you here to buy an IPhone Then I Told Him I was not here to Buy it I was Just asking for the price of It.
Mr.DA again asked me for the money I told him I Don’t have any!
Then He Asked for the ATM card.
I Confidently told Him
“Yaar Mere paas Kaha se Hoga ATM Card!?”
Convincing Him That I am Not having a Bank Account either.
He Told Me Really You Don’t Have The Money I again Told Him No.
He Told Me That If I checked your Pockets and Find Money Then What?
I Told Him That In That Case He Can Keep Them all.
He Told Me to take my purse ut and show him.
I thought that This May Create a Problem for me I Pulled my Purse out of my pocket and Opened it as wide as Possible hiding The ATM Card Holder all he saw was Rs 110 in Cash.
Now He Demanded for my Phone I said I don’t have a Phone With me.
Instead Of The Fact That I was having one in my front pocket itself and My Brother had his Mobile and a Digital Camera in his Pocket.
He Checked My Pockets Now Here Mr.DA Proved That he is a Genuine Dumb Ass instead of Checking my Pockets he can’t find The Mobile in My Pocket.
He Didn’t Check My Brother’s Pocket Luckily.
Now HE was Convinced Fully That Really They Don’t Have anything and asked me to Give another 200 Rupees and take a set of Two Memory Cards Of 2GB.
I Told Him we Don’t need anything just let us go.
My Brother Told me to buy it and Finish this Bullshit.
I Told Mr DA to let us leave But He handed Me a 16 GB Kingston Pen drive forcibly.
And Then We Left the Market Headed To the Red Fort for The Light And sound Show I was Unable to see the whole Program and we Left just after ten minutes Another Reason For That Was That It Was Damn Boring.
That Night I Cried Several Times And Can’t Sleep Instead Of The Fatigue Of The whole Day.

The Moral of The Story Now Is
Chor Bazaar Is Not Chor Bazaar Any More Its Sunday Market Now Which is Basically A Rag Market Where You Get Cheap Shoes.
Boycott That Street.
Spread The Message If Not The Whole Story Then Just The Message.
It Is a Street Just opposite to The Digambar Jain Lal Mandir.
And What Happened To The Pendrive I Reached Home Opened It Put it into My Laptop and I Found That it was Not Reading It I Opened The Pendrive and Found There’s Nothing Inside.
If Confused Which Street It Is.
Just Don’t enter any Narrow Street in The Whole Delhi I’ve Heard They DO The Same Thing In Palika Bazaar and other Markets Also.
The Map Is Provided Here.


  1. hey same happens to me also , i paid around 4600 INR for S2 additional 500 INR for a chinese phone.

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    sale kitte kameene log hai...

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  9. thank u yaar mere dimaag se chor bazaar ka bhoot utarne ke liye....

  10. thanx a ton
    i was about to go was searching where it is and got your post
    GOD thanx a lot man :D

  11. I would like to inform all my fellow Indians that there is not one-but many chor bazaars in Delhi. I would strongly advice you to avoid any place which has " bazaar" attached to it like the chor bazaar, palika bazaar, meena bazaar,sunday bazaar etc. The bazaars had been infamous since time immemorial and they shall continue to remain so forever.

  12. Bhai tu delhi ka banda nhi hai isliye tu fass gya...wo shakle dekh kr pehchan jaate hai kon delhi ka hai or kon nhi.feer bund maar lete hai tum jaisi ki

  13. Bro,I think they had some fun with you,because they got to know that your are not a dilli wala. the way you were asking for prices was not good,Even If you try to go for GB road,the people who get ragged there are the ones who go there for the first time,and these people are good at identifying first timers by their behavior only.
    Hats off for your effort ,and making us more aware,and do keep a suggestion from me- Always act confident,and no one will ever be able to touch you,
    Btw Iam planning to go there to buy car sub woofers and amplifier,,and will update my experience soon

  14. Dude , is this true .. M.not from Delhi but planning a vacation.. I desperately want to see it ...
    what problems can arise ?? ...
    Can I find any kind of nike football shoes .. ??
    Help me ...

  15. jst read ur story is a very common thing in old delhi markets... bhai m a guy from delhi .... me b chor market ka experience krne gya tha .. n u r right .. old delhi me ab chor bazaar nahi lagta ... but bht logo ko nahi pata ki chor markets abhi bhi lagti h delhi me .. bus sahi jagah pta hni chahiye... ;) agr nxt time delhi ane ka plan ho to do visit raja garden >> waha chor market lagti h... "gujrati mandi" k naam se ... khule aam .. main road par ... par sirf subah 4 am se 7am tk sunday ko..rajauri metro se kisi ko bhi puch lio ... bhai sabzi mandi wali rd.. gurudware k pass .. ;) u can find d genuine electronics goods in the cheapes price ... aur haan bhai ... iphone wagarah ki soch k mat jaio .. wo pure india me kahin nahi milega is rate pe .. par bht kuch hta h .. printer mobiles... watch ... etc etc .. do visit...

    1. You get iphone in mumbai chor bazar, they have various phones in their stalls. I have never bought an iphone from them so can't say if it's genuine product that they sell. But they do sell iphone 5 for around 12k

    2. Moreover whatever happened to you in delhi will never happen to you in mumbai chor bazaar here. As the sellers are very particular about their regular customers whom they don't want to lose at any cost.

      They will never force you to buy anything.

      You can also ask the price of every product, but don't negotiate if you don't want to buy.

      First ask the price then check the quality and then if you are sure of buying then only go for negotiation.

      And if the seller agrees to your price then to avoid any fight please buy the product at the agreed price.

      You can't say no to the deal after finishing the negotiation.

      I hope this helps you at mumbai chor bazaar.

  16. Can i get a ps3 there cheap for rs 5000
    And ps3 gamea

  17. I must say that the sellers in Chor Bazaar Delhi are enterprising but i wonder whether they actually sell stolen stuff. There is this person i met who told me not to carry more than 500-1000 bucks while shopping here. I doubt whether the quality of the goods sold here are up to mark. I was told that luck plays an important role in determining the quality of the goods purchased in this market and probably that's the reason why it is a market "for the adventurous soul". :)

  18. The place that the guy visited in this article where he had to shell out Rs600 is Lajpat Rai Market. All phones present there are stolen ones.

    1. hey sam pls tell me dude where i could find HTC one in chor baazaar and where i do find chor bazzar with safe and genuine piece for 1st hand not 2nd hand wht possibilties tht i find new ones with fully working conditions and i am going to visit i on 19th april but i will be reching after 1 p m so pls yr bta kha per achha chor baazar milega jhha per htc one new mill jaye or kis naam se lagta hai vo chor baazar

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  20. I also buy 2 pen drives for rs 100.but when I am going from there I think to open it.I see there is nothing expect then port.but I was lucky .I got that boy and take my money back.

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  22. dont buy electronic goods in chor bazar.... mostly that will be corrupted item... and if you want to go then go with 4-5 friends, and be ready for all situation...

  23. well thanks for this , iwas thining about going there but no more

  24. I never face such a problem in chor bazar or chandni chowk. You should never buy electronics items from these markets. It always faulty. These markets are good for clothing, shoes, & accesories. Always be aware & confident to purchase from these markets.

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  26. Bhaiyo mujhe Bluetooth headset chaiye milega kya chor bazar me plz help me guys

  27. I was planning to visit there to buy some pen drives shall I go there?... Or there is any other place I can buy it cheaply

  28. I was planning to visit there to buy some pen drives shall I go there?... Or there is any other place I can buy it cheaply

  29. Yr chor bazar me mere sath to ESA nhi hua kuchh ...vha shoes clothes bhut cheap rate me milte h ...m 5500 ke ucb ke sneakers vha se 200 me laya tha ..

  30. Is it safe to shop there?? What about quality of shoes and clothes there??

  31. People who having faced any problem for buying any product Download Wydr App to avail deal

  32. Gud job, well done and thanx à lot to share your expérience

  33. how much it will cost me to buy iPhone 6s+ in chor bazaar?

    1. Depends on u luck u may or may not find an apple proxy over there. But be careful as they are mostly stolen. I saw an iPad being sold for 8k..

    2. Depends on u luck u may or may not find an apple proxy over there. But be careful as they are mostly stolen. I saw an iPad being sold for 8k..

  34. I have been to chorbazar recently. It's near Red Fort. Now it's been called as SUNDAY MARKET there. I was so excited to see what's going to be there. U can find all brand shoes but mostly duplicate or stolen ones. U can find All models of Woodland shoes and sandals and they seems original(only Woodland). T-shirts are really cheap I never expected them to be so cheap.. u can get 3 t-shirtsfor just Rs100/- but u need patience to search for right size. U can get original shoes like Vans, UCB, Lee Couple and even GAS. To my luck I have seen a guy selling iPad mini wifi+4g probably stolen but working fine at a price of 8k. But I haven't bargain for the price since I was interested in buying it. I saw a guy selling shirt for insanely low price Rs 10/- each. Over a good experience. Best time to go is early hours when rush is low and sun is not harsh on us.

  35. I have been to chorbazar recently. It's near Red Fort. Now it's been called as SUNDAY MARKET there. I was so excited to see what's going to be there. U can find all brand shoes but mostly duplicate or stolen ones. U can find All models of Woodland shoes and sandals and they seems original(only Woodland). T-shirts are really cheap I never expected them to be so cheap.. u can get 3 t-shirtsfor just Rs100/- but u need patience to search for right size. U can get original shoes like Vans, UCB, Lee Couple and even GAS. To my luck I have seen a guy selling iPad mini wifi+4g probably stolen but working fine at a price of 8k. But I haven't bargain for the price since I was interested in buying it. I saw a guy selling shirt for insanely low price Rs 10/- each. Over a good experience. Best time to go is early hours when rush is low and sun is not harsh on us.

  36. No doubt, chor bazaar is one of those amazing places in Delhi that is definitely worth a visit but is not everyone’s cup of tea. Click here to know more about Chor Bazaar.

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  38. hello dear Friendzzz

    chor bajar ke bare me janne ke bad to mai wha jaunga nhi ,
    but mujhe ( hole sell me 8gb ki memory card ) chahie , to kya kisi KO pta hai Delhi ke kiss market me milega saste me SD card ??

    if any body know then plz plz plz tell me that place Name ,jha mai Jake le SKU hole sell me ,but frnds wo achha hona chahie ,us pen drive ki tarah nhi Jisme kuchh ho ho na

    1. Go to gaffar market near karol bagh

    2. Go to gaffar market near karol bagh

  39. What was your age that time? I have visited many times these market but never experience such things

  40. What was your age that time? I have visited many times these market but never experience such things

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